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Ricardo Barraca Mayan Foto-Artista

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Ricardo Barraca’s background encompasses years of study and sheer fascination with the Ancient Mayan Culture.  Many of his works can be seen in upscale Hotels and Resorts along the Mayan Riviera including Private Collectors and Professional Offices in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

As an Accomplished Photographer and Artist he became free to roam on a never-ending surface, which allowed his spirit to guide his hands and camera in creating Mystical as well as Mythological Mayan Art forms. His adventure soon became an Enlightening journey. Leading him to work with many spiritual guides. Ricardo now, see’s all things being inter-connected. The past and present, the Earth, the Sky, Nature and movement similarly, so did the Maya!

All of Ricardo Barraca’s original artworks are unique pieces that tell a story, He illustrates a myth or articulates the cultural events of the ancient Maya people. Whether it be through reenactment, travel or his own studies. Mayan Art, Architecture, warfare, mythology, traditions, history, and most importantly their achievements, are all reflective in his heart and work.

He hopes to share the fascinating style and energy of his Mayan Art, Photojournalistic style with the people of the world, and thereby facilitate increased cultural understanding and appreciation for what he believes to be The Greatest Civilization of all time, ”The Maya”.

Mayan Art at Sunrise


From within my creative soul comes a deep passion for Mexico and Latin America. I have a profound admiration for the Maya people and have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from a few of these ”very special people”.

My goal is to provide a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my works to benefit Non-Profit Mayan charities in their efforts in providing education and essential medical-dental needs to the Mayan children. As my Foto-Artistic journey continues, it is my hope that my works will reach and engage people throughout the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site. I welcome all comments or suggestions in providing you with a glimpse into a ”world of magnificent artistic and intellectual achievement, that of the Maya!

My friends, I sincerely thank you all!

Mi Amigos, agradezco sinceramente a todos. Vosotros sois mis amigos muy especial!


Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico